The seed that started it all. We love spicy and the usual seed suspects could never scratch that itch. Well, consider that itch scratched. Spicy BBQ packs a lot of flavor and just the perfect amount of heat.

Beer Pairing: North Coast Pranqster


It wasn’t the first, but we make our own rules up here at Inhale BBQ and because sometimes less is more, the name fit. Flavored with our competition rub and slow smoke, this seed is the definition of traditional BBQ.

Beer Pairing: Lost Coast Indica India Pale Ale


Why is garlic SO DAMN GOOD? We couldn’t find the words so we asked google, “It’s largely a basis of an inborn, unconscious realization of potential health values exacerbated by culture”. Exactly Google, exactly.

Beer Pairing: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale / Red Hook ESB


Confession: Sweet Heat is our favorite kind of BBQ, so we are playing a bit of favorites here. These seeds pay tribute to Kansas City BBQ with almost candied sweet start that finishes with a spicy heat. Yes, they are as good as they sound.

Beer Pairing: Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat


A refreshing change of pace that starts with a bit of sour, but ends with a little heat. We just eliminated the need for a lime in your beer. Sorry lime.

Beer Pairing: Bohemia


Fire. Delicious, delicious fire. If you love punishing your mouth, well then this is the seed for you. Not sure I’d eat them by the cheekful, but…I dare you.

Beer Pairing: Dogfish Head Aprihop / Ballast Point White Weiss


Sunflower seeds meet Carolina Q. What happens when we take our competition rub and hit it with some apple cider vinegar and a little dill? A truly unique seed different from all the rest.

Beer Pairing: Rogue Hazelnut Brown / Lost Coast Downtown Brown


We took our Original seed and kicked it up with a coffee rub. The result: your breakfast seed, an afternoon pick me up and a delicious addition to your java addiction.

Beer Pairing: Smithwicks / Founders Imperial Stout


Inspired by our favorite french onion soup, this seed starts with the taste of sweet caramelized onion and finishes with a warm black pepper finish. Topping the bag with melted Gruyere is optional.

Beer Pairing: Your local Saison