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In 2010, five guys who shared a love of the pit, big flavors, cold beers and backyard hangouts formed a BBQ competition team.  Our love of BBQ started when somewhere along the line, we grew a preference for afternoon BBQs over 2am dive bars. We started experimenting with the pit and what started as a hobby quickly turned in to an obsession and we wanted more.

Armed with our favorite beer, we practiced every weekend and finally felt we were good enough to measure our Q against the professional pitmasters. After entering a handful of competitions, we realized that BBQ is more than a competition and what the judges wanted wasn’t always what the people wanted.

You see the judges want ‘perfection’, but what we’ve found is that perfection shows up in the imperfection. It’s spicy or sweet, savory or vinegar, tomato or mustard. It’s food for 2, 10 or 50. It’s bonding with family, making new friends and reminiscing with old. For us, it’s life.



One Saturday, while on the golf course with the boys, an idea struck – pair the perfect snack with real backyard BBQ.

The following Monday, the first batch of raw seeds was purchased and the pit was lit. The plan was simple: start with big quality seeds, pair them with unique rubs and slow smoke them to bring authentic BBQ to everyday of the week – to your commute, your couch, your office or wherever the day takes you.

Once the first batch of Spicy BBQ came off, we knew we had something special.   From that first day, we have worked to create new and unique seed flavors that are paired with the perfect wood. Our pit smoked seeds are cooked low and slow over a combination of apple, cherry, peach, pecan and hickory woods.   Whether you like spicy, sweet or something in between, once you open a bag of Inhale BBQ pit smoked seeds, you’ll smell the authenticity.

We’ll always be thankful for that conversation on the 6th tee box of the Skylinks golf course….and we hope your taste buds will too.